Q&P: The Martian Punitive Expedition


The Martian Punitive Expedition


Supplemental Scenario Book

A planet to be conquered, vengeance to be wreaked and glory to be won. That is the motivation of the commander of the Martian Punitive Expedition of 1901.

With these rules, you can take the role of the British commander tasked by the Queen with taking the fight to the Cephalopod invaders of Earth. You have been given three Ether flyers and the best soldiers the British Empire could muster and you are headed to Mars to do the Queen’s bidding.

Q&P is designed to balance the mass and ferocity of the local races of Mars against the technology and training of the Colonial powers and to provide a fair and reasonable struggle for both imperial General and Martian Odwar.

This is not a stand alone rule set and requires:

• For Queen and Planet: The Imperial Wars of Earth and Mars - 1845 - 1930

This rule set does include the following:

  • All rules necessary to play a VSF version of the game.
  • An alternative timeline for VSF genre play.
  • Unit lists detailing British, Imperial Red Martian, Black Martian, Green Martian and Cephalopod forces.
  • A eight-scenario campaign that will allow you to play your way through the British Punitive Expedition to Mars in 1901 from the initial encounters with Red Martian Miltia forces all the way through to the final destruction of the British forces on Mars.
  • A blank unit command sheet.


Each of the scenarios in this rulebook is written to be fought as a pure VSF battle. The theme for this scenario book is fairly light-hearted and many of the scenarios are spun out from scenes from movies, that you will likely recognize. So enjoy and have fun and do not be afraid to develop your own scenarios and share them with us on our Facebook page 

The Martian Punitive Expedition Scenarios:

  1. Hit the Red Shores – Dec 21, 1901 British vs. Red Askari (local Imperial militia)
  2. Low Plains Drifters – Apr 12, 1902 – Green Martians with British allies vs. Imperial Martians
  3. A Canal Too Far – Jun 4, 1902 - British vs. Imperial Martians
  4. The Imperials Strike Back – Oct 3, 1902 – Imperial Martians vs. British
  5. Imperial Indigestion – Nov 1, 1902 – British/Imperials vs. Black Martians/Cephalopods
  6. It Ain’t Easy Being Green – Mar 15, 1903 – British/Imperials vs. Green Martians/Cephalopods
  7. The Martian Candidate – Jul 17, 1903 – British/Imperials vs. Black/Green Martians
  8. The Last Days of HMS Astra - Dec 19, 1903 - British vs. Imperials


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