War of Austrian Succession - For King or Empress supplement



War of Austrian Succession is a supplement for the popular, fast-play For King or Empress rules by First Command Wargames. In this supplement, rules author Steve Verdoliva extends the rules mechanics, army lists, and troop values to cover the 1740-1756 period. The book contains new and optional rules covering the War of Austrian Succession period, as well as updates for the Seven Years War. Also included are Army Lists and Troop Values for 4 major and 9 minor combatants of the War of Austrian Succession. There are army commander ratings for 50 historical personalities, as well as ways to generate random commanders. A complete scenario with troop lists, special rules, and more covers the Battle of Mollwitz. Pick up this supplement today to extend your For King or Empress wargaming!

  • New and Optional Rules to cover the 1740-1756 period
  • New Army Lists for 4 Major & 5 Minor Powers of the war
  • New adjusted troop values to reflect this earlier period
  • Commander ratings for 50 historical leaders
  • Battle of Mollwitz scenario with special rules & troop list
  • Description & analysis of 19 battles of this war
  • Quick Reference Sheets (QRS) and Commander Cards
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